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Medical and General purpose Latex Gloves Manufacturer in Thailand

latex examination glove

If you are looking for a latex gloves manufacturer in Thailand that offers competitive prices and good quality, then you are in the right place :

  Good sensitivity to touch.

Provides an excellent touch and feel while performing
examination procedures.

  Smooth fit.

Fits smoothly in your hands while pulling or stretching the gloves without tearing.

  Minimum pinholes ensure your protection.

Less pinholes mean that you and your patients are

  Less Powder.

Less powder makes the glove feel cool and comfortable.

Latex Examination Gloves being sold in over 10 countries by Happy Hands

medical gloves used by doctors and nurses

Medical Use gloves

disposable latex gloves

Disposable & Food Handling gloves

Industrial latex gloves

Industrial & General purpose gloves

Why is Happy Hands the right choice to buy latex examination gloves?

     We are glad you asked.

✅ Quality Control

Stringent quality control is at the heart of Happy Hand Glove manufacturing process. All the processes and raw materials undergo quality inspection at all levels to ensure latex gloves meet the required quality standards. We have the latest equipments and the best technical know-how to ensure your glove quality is maintained throughout the production cycle.

✅ Your brand design

Quality examination gloves are carefully manufactured and packaged in your glove box brand for your market. Your user satisfaction is our priority and promise to you.

✅ Price competitive & negotiable

Latex gloves is a highly competitive product. We at Happy Hands Gloves are able to support you in the tough competitive environment  by keeping costs low and providing best quality latex gloves the market has to offer. With us you can be assured to get competitive prices and best quality latex gloves in fast delivery times. It is our promise and guarantee to you!

The factors that enable us to keep you competitive in the market are:

High tech lines –> faster delivery: Latex gloves is a volume business hence quick production turnaround times is essential to a lower glove cost and fast delivery. Happy Hands leverages experience of over more than 20 years to achieving this high production targets. Fast production turnarounds is achieved with having the right glove dipping formulation, well maintained parameters and capacity of the glove dipping line. Right glove dipping formulation and process parameters play a key role in ensuring seamless production with least defects. At Happy Hands, we have found the right balance in formulation, processes and capacities to achieve a competitive glove output. Our production lines are capable of producing high volume output, low maintenance downtime, high flexibility in size ratios in providing you the best quality latex gloves faster.

Economical fuel –> Low production cost: To remain competitive, it is essential to have access to fuel that is less costly, is of high calorific value and is readily available. Fuel alone comprises of 20% of the latex glove cost. Thankfully, Happy Hands is situated in the heart of rubber and palm tree plantations. The vast southern region of Thailand cultivates rubber wood and palm trees for Latex tapping and palm oil. This rich plantation provides rubber wood chips and palm kernel shells as fuel for burning in the boilers. Both the rubber wood and palm kernel shell offer high heat calorific value for burning in boilers necessary for the glove curing and drying in ovens of the production lines. Our high tech boilers make the fuel burning process more efficient for complete combustion and high heat output.

Locally sourced Raw material –> Quality Rawmaterials: Quality glove production is highly dependant on the quality rawmaterials and chemicals used in producing it, Natural rubber Latex being one of them. Malaysia and Thailand are one of the oldest rubber tappers producing excellent quality field latex. Being situated and surrounded by rubber plantations, Happy Hands has access to quality Latex used for glove production. Chemicals used in glove manufacturing is also available easily.

Thorough Quality team –> Guaranteed quality:  Latex glove production and delivery is a highly controlled process. From online quality control to preshipment quality control,  quality control and its process is built into it. Happy Hands has an experienced staff of over 20 years managing quality control that allow only the best lot or batch to be shipped to you. You can be assured that the staff ensures to meet the quality level required by you. Latex gloves are inspected as per the International standards of ASTM  D-3578 and EN 455 Part 1,2 & 3. Quality report is presented for approval of shipment. Only the best quality is given the approval for shipment hence you can be assured that only the best quality gloves reaches your market.

✅ Easy to talk & discuss

The key to a successful relationship is clear and open communication. We at Happy Hands believe in open communication with you where we can discuss prices, market requirements and anything in general which can help you in growing your latex gloves business. We look forward to hearing from you and are always eager to talk.

Products offered by Happy Hands for your gloving needs

Lightly Powdered Latex examination gloves

Non-sterile pre-powdered latex examination gloves providing excellent grip and tactile sensitivity. Excellent for use in patient examinations.
Very lightly powdered.

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Powder-free Latex
examination gloves

Excellent for use in hospitals. Polymer coated.
High tensile strength and elongation.
Non-sterile and completely powder free.

Check out: Powder-free Latex gloves Use and Specifications

The Leading Latex Gloves Manufacturer in Thailand 

If you are looking for a safe, reliable and versatile latex gloves manufacturer that can cater to just about any of your requirements, you should partner with Happy Hands Gloves. We’re one of the leading glove manufacturers in Thailand serving many clients throughout Europe, Asia, USA and Middle east in Medical practices, food handling, pharmaceuticals, industrial heavy duty use, cleaning facilities and other general purpose uses. We can manufacture customized latex gloves to meet your needs.

We prioritize in:

1.) Excellent glove dipping technologies preferably from Malaysia. We also have an inhouse engineering team that emulates the best the glove industry has to offer and be able to replicate them. Our inhouse engineering team also builds glove lines for increasing production capacity.

2.) Continuous improvement of glove quality and safety.

3.) Automation to the extent where quality and efficiency is maintained.

All this is done with the aim of making the safest, best value and most practical latex gloves on the market. Thanks to Happy Hands Gloves team, supportive workforce and production capabilities, we will be prompt in delivering your order.

A Latex Gloves Wholesaler in Thailand, you can rely on to make your brand

We not only just make latex gloves, we build brands that customer trust and use repeatedly which is why we guarantee quick turnaround times and premium gloves.  We produce latex gloves that enable you to uphold the highest levels of health and hygiene. If you are looking to develop your own brand, we can help you by delivering the best in latex gloves the market has to offer. You can feel confident in our ability to maintain your brand reputation and continuous supply of gloves.

We work together with you to build the best brand making us your reliable latex gloves wholesale partner in Thailand.

Premium-Quality Latex Gloves without the Premium Cost 

We design our latex gloves for comfort, long wearing periods, barrier protection and cost in mind. We are always looking for ways to help our clients with cost to be able to compete in this demanding market. We understand that many businesses and organisations have budgetary concerns and challenging targets. That is why we aim to be a low cost latex gloves manufacturer in Thailand.

If you want low cost latex gloves without compromising on the quality of your services or the ability to do your job, our affordable yet advanced latex gloves are perfect for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about orders.

Why Are Our Latex Gloves So Beneficial? 

Because latex glove is such a durable glove that it offers the best biological barrier protection among all types of gloves available. Latex gloves have been the standard for safety in a variety of environments for decades. While there are alternatives such as nitrile gloves, we believe latex gloves offer the most comfort, flexibility and grip, even when worn for long periods. At Happy Hands Gloves, we keep comfort and practical usage in mind.

We use less powder in powdered latex gloves and good quality polymer coating on the donning side of powder free latex gloves for maximum comfort while wearing them.

Get in touch with the Go-To Latex Gloves Wholesaler in Thailand Today 

For fast turnaround times and reliability, look no further than Happy Hands Gloves, your dependable latex gloves partner in Thailand.  With customers in America, Europe and Asia, you can feel confident that our gloves meet the international quality standards. Find out which gloves you need by getting in touch with us and our dedicated team today.

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