Powder-free Latex Gloves used in Hospitals, Clinics and Food handling

Polymer – Coated for smooth donning.

Offers high protection from bacteria and viruses. Good for use by Medical professionals.

Gentle to skin leaving no powder residue.

Low Protein content making it suitable for people sensitive to latex allergy.

Best to use in a Hygiene and Clean room environment.

The gloves are food-grade friendly and safe to use with food.

tickmarkgrey The gloves are produced in 5.0g, 5.5g, 6.0g and 6.5g size Medium weight. We can produce higher and lower weights depending on your requirement.

A smiling nurse pulling powder free latex gloves in her hand

Benefits of the use of Powder-free latex gloves

In an environment where powder is not desired and seen as a contaminant, powder-free latex gloves are used. The powder in latex gloves are airborne and can be a nuisance to a hygiene or sensitive environment. It is particularly useful in a clean room environment where sensitivity or charge is a concern such as semiconductor manufacturing industries. If you are looking for a comparable latex glove which is powder-free and comfortable to wear then this is the glove to go for. It offers everything a powdered latex gloves has to offer without the powder! The smooth glove coating polymer makes it easy to wear and feels smooth in your hands. It is a premium grade glove used in sophisticated hospitals and environment where sanitation and hygiene are utmost important. Because of additional processes involved in manufacturing this glove, it has a slightly higher cost compared to latex powdered gloves. If cost is not a concern, then this glove offers the premium feel and quality that is unmatched in the glove industry. Where latex gloves are considered legendary in terms of comfort, fit and protection, this glove just fits the bill.

Meeting Exacting International Standards: Powder-free latex gloves are produced meeting the exacting international standards of health and safety using the EN 455 Part 1, 2 & 3 standards benchmark. You can be assured of using the gloves meeting the highest levels of health and safety when performing your procedures and tasks. You can be free of mind.

The Powder free latex gloves are biodegradable so you don’t need to worry of disposal toxicity.

Powder free latex gloves are produced in varying sizes and weights. Happy Hands produces 5.0g, 5.5g, 6.0g and 6.5g powder free latex gloves depending on applicability. The glove weights can be pushed higher depending on use such as the High Risk gloves. The gloves can be colored depending on requirements of use.


White Powder free latex gloves placed in front of a Happy Hands brand dispenser box on the table

Technical Specifications of Powder free Latex Gloves



Product Name Non-sterile Powder free Latex Gloves (Polymer Coated)
Minimum glove Thickness 0.08 mm
Average weight of Medium size 5.0g, 5.5g, 6.0g, 6.5g /pc Medium size
Usage Hospitals and Other multipurpose uses
Main Characteristic Polymer coated and best for use in Hospitals because of excellent barrier protection
Material Natural Rubber
Cuff finishing Beaded
Color Beige / Natural White
Type Ambidextrous
Surface finish Palm textured
Size Palm Width(mm) Length(mm)
X-Small 75+/-5mm 240 mm (min)
Small 85+/-5mm 240 mm (min)
Medium 95+/-5mm 240 mm (min)
Large 106+/-5mm 240 mm (min)
Extra Large 115+/-5mm 240 mm (min)
CUFF Thickness 0.08 – 0.10 mm
PALM Thickness 0.10 – 0.12 mm
FINGER Thickness 0.12 – 0.14 mm
Tensile Strength (Mpa) Ultimate Elongation % Force at break (N)
18 MPa min (Before Aged) 650 % min 7N (Before Ageing)
14 MPa min (After Aged) 500 % min 6N(After Ageing)
Pre-shipment inspection Level AQL
Dimension S2 4.0
Physical Properties S2 4.0
Water tight test 1000ml G1 1.5
Visual Inspection-Major G1 AQL 2.5
Visual Inspection -Minor G1 AQL 4.0
Packing 100 Gloves per Dispenser box 10 dispenser boxes per Outer Carton
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