Powdered Latex gloves for Health-care, Medical and Food Preparation

green tick mark Low Glove powder

green tick mark Hypo-allergenic and Smooth to the skin

green tick markUsed in patient examinations at clinics, hospitals and veterniarian. Multipurpose-use latex hand gloves for protection from chemicals and infections.

green tick mark  Can be worn for long periods.

green tick mark  Produced in the color of your choice. White, green and blue depending on your requirement.

green tick mark  Produced in varied weights: 5.0g, 5.5g, 6.0g, 6.5g Size M. We can produce even higher weights depending on your requirement.


Happy Hands worker demonstrating powdered latex gloves

Latex powdered gloves beginnings:

Single piece latex examination glove weight of 5grams

Powdered latex gloves has been present since the inception of the glove industry and has gone through monumental developments in reducing their weight to the standard premium 5-gram gloves that we know today. This development has not been an easy one. In the year 1995 to the early 2000’s powdered latex gloves used to be manufactured in 7 grams size Medium weight. The journey of 7 grams size Medium weight to the 5 grams low weight today has killed manufacturers a many. The struggle to adapt to the changing market needs to be competitive eventually brought out the best in glove quality – the texture and feel of the gloves. The overall glove quality improved -from its aesthetic feel to its practical usage at a lower cost and the powdered latex gloves came out a winner.

The result- There was no match to the powdered latex gloves.

Also, the corn starch powdering makes the glove food-grade friendly. It is very versatile and will not harm if ingested.

Latex gloves have always been legendary in biological protection. They offer protection from bacteria and viruses like no other glove, not even nitrile. So you know, you are in safe hands when using this glove.

Yes, you read that right. This is a single-use only examination glove meant for examining the patient. It is meant to act as a protective barrier between its user and the patient from cross infections. This glove is not to be used for surgical procedures of any kind. It is classified as a low-risk Class I device by the European Union.


Glove dispenser boxes of multiple customer brands

Your OEM Brand in your box design

We can produce and pack gloves in your box packaging. We mainly work on OEM label basis and will be happy to incorporate your brand design.

How to Store the Powdered latex gloves?

Latex gloves must be stored away from sunlight in a cool dry place. Proper storage ensures the shelf life of the gloves is prolonged for 3 to 5 years. Direct exposure to sunlight, heat or moisture can lead to discoloration in the gloves and degradation of physical strength properties hence proper storage is crucial in maintaining the good shelf life of the gloves.


Examination latex gloves are not sterilized by special procedures of gamma radiation or Ethylene oxide treatment before use. The gloves, therefore, are not suitable for surgical uses. Happy Hands Gloves manufactures its latex gloves in a strict sanitary environment where every worker involved follows strict sanitary and hygiene protocols. The gloves are handled and kept in the most hygienic way possible.

✔ Food safe: The gloves are manufactured for food safety using corn starch powdering on its surface. The light powder coating ensures your hands are comfortable and any powder residue is not imprinted onto foods. The glove does not pose any toxicity risk when used with food or ingested.

✔ Light industrial use: Powdered latex gloves work well where mechanics or grease is involved. The gloves do have mechanical strength and resistance. Except for very heavy-duty work where high mechanical force is involved, the glove will do just well.

✔ Beauty and salon: The glove work well with hair dyes and colour chemicals. The fit and feel are comfortable while working with hair and people can work long hours without feeling tired or sweaty in their hands.

✓ Low carbon foot print: The low carbon foot print of powdered latex gloves is well known as it’s raw material latex is harvested from Rubber trees in an environmentally friendly way leaving a very low carbon imprint than its counterpart nitrile gloves offering the full comfort, strength and elasticity a glove can provide.

✓ Meeting international standards: Latex gloves are produced and tested to meet international standards of protection and safety abiding the EN 455 Part 1,2 & 3 and the ASTM D 3578 standard. Whether it is used as a personal protective equipment or a medical equipment use, it qualifies in providing safety in both the respects. You can be assured.

Biodegradable latex glovesNeedless to say latex gloves are biodegradable. Made from Natural rubber Latex tapped from rubber trees make these gloves are not toxic and do not harm the environment. These gloves are eco-friendly and their disposal in any way will leave no bad imprint on the environment.

Happy Hands Lab worker performing glove inspection

Technical Specs – Powdered Latex Gloves



Product Name Non-sterile Powdered latex gloves
Thickness Min 0.08 mm
Average weight of Medium size 5.0 +/- 0.2gm /pc Medium size
Usage Patient examinations, first responders, food contact, laboratory, cleaning, painting and general purpose use
Main Characteristic Lightly powdered and light weight glove making it touch sensitive with an excellent grip
Material Natural Rubber
Cuff finishing Beaded
Color Beige / Natural White
Type Ambidextrous
Surface finish Smooth
Size          Palm Width(mm) Length(mm)
X-Small             78 mm 240 mm (min)
Small             85 mm 240 mm (min)
Medium             95 mm 240 mm (min)
Large            106 mm 240 mm (min)
Extra Large            115 mm 240 mm (min)
CUFF thickness           PALM thickness FINGER thickness
   0.08 – 0.10 mm           0.10 – 0.12 mm 0 .12 – 0.14 mm
Tensile Strength (Mpa) ASTM D 3578        Ultimate Elongation % Force at break (N) EN 455-2:2015
18 MPa min (Before Ageing)          650% min 7N (Before Ageing)
14 MPa min (After Ageing)          500% min  6N (After Ageing)
Pre-shipment inspection Level AQL
Dimension S2 4.0
Physical Properties S2 4.0
Water tight test 1000ml G1 1.5
Visual Inspection-Major G1 AQL 2.5
Visual Inspection -Minor G1 AQL 4.0
Packing 100 Gloves by Dispenser count 10 dispenser per Outer Carton
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