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Latex Gloves Overview – Some important uses

Healthcare use gloves

Salon & Beauty industry use gloves

Industrial purpose heavy duty use gloves

Food-grade gloves for safe handling of food

Household and general purpose use gloves

Personal protective equipment (PPE) use gloves

Learn more about Latex gloves – Why use Latex Gloves?


    1. Excellent fit and feel like no other glove. Latex gloves lead the field in fit and comfort.
    2. Excellent protection – from bacteria and viruses. Latex gloves are no.1 in protecting against harmful bacteria and viruses. They offer excellent protection from these sinister invaders of the human body. When it comes to biological protection, there is no match to this glove.
    3. Environmentally friendly & Biodegradable. Latex gloves are made from Natural rubber latex tapped from Rubber trees making it eco-friendly, disposable and biodegradable. 60-70% composition of the rubber in the glove comes from natural sources. Nitrile latex is synthesized artificially from petroleum to emulate natural rubber but it is not natural rubber. Nitrile gloves take decades to biodegrade and are toxic in large amounts to the environment because of its acrylo nitrile butadiene composition.
    4. Low Carbon Footprint- Natural rubber latex is tapped from the rubber tree early in the morning. Apart from rubber composition in the glove, the rest in it is chemicals to promote rubber crosslinking to provide it strength and elasticity. On the other hand, nitrile latex is a synthetic derivative of petroleum gone through extensive rigging and fractional distillation of crude oil. All of this requires huge amounts of energy making the carbon footprint of nitrile glove very high. To use a green glove that offers everything you need and is safe to use is the latex glove.
    5. Food friendliness- Yes, latex gloves are food friendly. You can handle your food without worrying of contamination of any sort. Latex as well as nitrile gloves are made from safe-production practices and do not use any known harmful chemicals to the human body. You can feel free to touch your food wearing latex gloves or nitrile gloves if that is your choice.
    6. Chemical handling- Okay. Will have to give it to nitrile for this one. The barrier protection against chemicals of nitrile is better than latex. Latex gloves also does fairly good in terms of protection against chemicals. If you are handling serious chemicals, then educate yourself of which glove to go for to ensure maximum protection of your hands.
    7. Excellent shelf life- If stored and kept properly away from sunlight at a cool or room temperature, Latex gloves can last from 3 upto 5 years.
    8. Surplus availability of Natural Latex raw material. Unlike Nitrile gloves which have a handful of nitrile latex producers, You will never fall short of supply of Natural rubber latex. Thailand is one of the biggest producers of Natural rubber latex exceeding even that of Malaysia. Thailand and Malaysia being one of the oldest rubber tappers produce excellent quality latex for glove production at a much lower cost than synthetic nitrile latex.
    9. Versatile- A glove that has many uses. It comes in many colours.  It is used in salons, dental, medical, Emergency medical services, tattoo, cleaning, car mechanics, chemical handling, food handling, departmental stores you name it. Happy Hands gloves produces gloves that fits your needs – whatever that may be.


    Products of Happy Hands are focused at key users like hospitals, nursing homes, vet clinics, general household users and light industrial users. To cater to our customer’s specific needs and requirements we are able to supply a full range of supported and unsupported gloves made from natural and synthetic lattices.

    The glove range that Happy Hands manufactures can be categorized as follows:

    1. Lightly powdered Latex examination gloves.
    2. Powder-free Latex examination gloves.



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